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Beautification is the order of the day and it is essential to take adequate care of ourselves both internally and externally. To achieve this, everyone deserves a better option in choosing products to make them more healthy and beautiful. That is what we do, Hebeloft is committed and passionate to bring you reliable and exceptional quality products beyond the usual commercial brands, to help maximize your health and beauty, and give value for money spent.

Hebeloft (www.hebeloft.com) – is a dynamic company that specialises in the sales, marketing and distribution of unique and quality branded health and beauty products in Singapore and Asia Pacific. Backed by a driven and passionate team, Hebeloft brings you health and beauty products that differentiate themselves from the ordinary; through concept, quality, innovation, and design.

Our primary focus is in Korean natural products, Hebeloft is passionate about introducing you to innovative products which are of superior quality and value. We aim to add a new dimension to your daily health and beauty regime, which is helping you to stay healthy and beautiful. Our passion is to introduce high qualify natural health and beauty products to our customers that will give them good value for their money

Hebeloft is the sole distributor of SKYLAKE, BORYEONG MUD SKINCARE, SOOSUL, MAY COOP and MOONLAB. These brands are now available at Singapore’s major department stores like BHG, John Little, Metro, Robinsons, Takashimaya, as well as our beauty counter at OG department store, and selected pharmacies and TCM retail stores.


Our vision is to improve people’s life by providing them with quality products. We believe everyone deserve to be more healthy and beautiful.

Our goal is to help them achieve this, we are determined to bring you the best health and beauty product and vast varieties to choose from.
We understand the high demand for quality health and beauty products. We have an integrity to always source for the best health and beauty products, we won’t relent on that.We are very committed and passionate about getting the best product and we will market it to the right segment. We have also created a marketing and distribution network that works efficiently. This enables us to provide superior, innovative products to our customers across Singapore and the Asia Pacific.


Our passion for anticipating trends gives us the edge of introducing high quality innovative health and beauty products that is of superior quality and add value to all our customersall around the world. We value you and we will always make sure we make your interest and well-being our primary priority. We aim to incorporate new dimensions to your daily health and beauty regime and help you stay healthy and beautiful.


We make use of our expert knowledge of the local market, our well-established relationship with the local retailers and our strong partnership with the local media to aid you to expand your business and increase your brand awareness across the borders successfully.We provide strong distribution networks, deliver robust sales distributions and marketing strategies to help you penetrate into your desired market segment, make your business prosper and your brand well recognised aboard.


We understand the uniqueness of the retail channel and we will work with individual retailers to deliver a compelling retail proposition that is perfectly pitched to meet the needs of their target segment.

Together, we will put in place a winning formula that will improve your product proposition, generates additional traffic in your store and as well as turn visitors to shoppers. We will help you to meet and exceed your sales revenue target ultimately.

For more information or partnership opportunities, send us an e-mail through enquiry@hebeloft.com or call us on 65 6702 6972.


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